Saturday, July 5, 2014

Fourth of July at Sylvan Lake in South Dakota

Talk about great timing! My friend Michel and I drove to Sylvan Lake fairly early yesterday morning so we could have time to explore the area and devour a picnic lunch before I had to go to work. We'd wanted to have a potluck here at the campground, but everyone works very different hours and we would have been the only ones here.

The weather was perfect - very blue sky, warm and sunny - and not very many people. We'd planned our picnic menu of potato salad, barbecued chicken, crackers and cheese, Moscato wine, chocolate candy, etc. with things we had on hand since the nearest actual grocery store is about 20 miles away. It was so much fun hiking the trail around the lake, watching some mountains climbers practicing on the high rocks, talking to people fishing for trout, and just enjoying the scenery. We ate lunch in the shade under some tall pine trees and did some people-watching.

When we left, the parking lots were full with more people showing up all the time. I went to work at 3:00, and Beth and I were so busy selling beer, soda, candy, chips, and other picnic stuff, restocking the cooler and shelves, and providing directions to the nearest fireworks displays and availability of diesel fuel that I didn't notice the sky clouding up. I DID notice the thunder, lightning, and heavy rain a few minutes later, though. It cleared up a little about an hour or so later, but I'm wondering how the fireworks went at Crazy Horse Monument and in Rapid City. I understand they used to have fireworks at Mt. Rushmore but stopped a few years ago because of the fire danger.

So, except for the crowds of people coming into the store, it was quiet here, which was fine with me and fine for Michel's six dogs. When I got back around 10:30 last night, really tired from the hiking earlier and standing on my feet for almost 7 hours, I found a small bag of homemade Snickerdoodles on the counter. Delicious! Thank you, Michel Rouse.

P.S. I forgot to take either my camera or phone, so the pictures are from Michel.