Sunday, May 23, 2010

Grand Canyon - North Rim

Me, Jim, and Marcie on the trail to Bright Angel Point

Although I've been lucky enough to visit the North Rim of the Grand Canyon several times, Marcie and Jim had never been there. So, on a warm but very windy day last week, I shared the back seat with Clancy the Wonder Dog and off we went on a wonderful adventure. 

After a stop at Jacob Lake for some breakfast, we headed down Highway 67 to use our Senior cards for free admission to the National Park - what a treat to be old enough for that! 

We met up with Karen, one of our friends from the Workamper forums. She and her husband are back for their third year working at the North Rim, loving almost every minute of it. The nice thing, at least for us, is the nearest shopping is about 85 miles away, here in Kanab. So, I'm sure we'll see them several more times before the end of October.

The road to the park didn't open until Mother's Day because of heavy snow, and there's still some remainder of that snow. Clancy whimpered to get out and play in it as well as chase a deer or two she saw from her perch on my lap. Nope, sorry Clancy.

We explored the short, but steep, trail to Bright Angel Point, taking lots and lots of photos along the way. In addition, we offered to take pictures of couples together so they had a record of their visit.

After a wonderful lunch at the Lodge, where I had a Navajo Taco on fry bread, Marcie ate delicious beef stew in a bread bowl, and Jim opted for the pasta and salad buffet, we explored the gift store and the bookstore. Back at the car, Clancy was happy to see us since dogs are not allowed on the trails.

Heading back towards Kanab, we decided to check out Point Imperial, about a 20 minute drive to what I think is one of the most gorgeous views in what I've seen of the canyon. I braved walking down to the point in wind so strong it made me very glad there was strong metal railing for protection. Otherwise, I believe I'd have flown down to the bottom of the canyon. On the way back up, a park ranger let us know they were closing the road to the point because the strong winds were blowing down trees along the road. He wasn't kidding, either, as on the way back to the main highway, we had to drive over one of those trees. Luckily it wasn't a large one.

Back to Kanab after an almost perfect day. Poor Jim had to drive most of the return trip with no one to talk to as Marcie, Clancy, and I all went to sleep.

Perhaps you've wondered why I haven't included any pictures, at least up to now. It's impossible to take a bad photo at the Grand Canyon, which means even with some judicious pruning, I still have more pictures than anyone would be comfortable viewing in this blog. So, my wonderful friend Lou made them into a nice, simple website. Just click on the link, then click on each little picture for a larger view, and Enjoy!

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