Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Geezers Gone Wild

Geezers Gone Wild

Okay, I admit it: I really like this one for some reason, especially the many comments. It reminds me of my mother who, at age 82, bought a sporty, bright red car because it was "calling" to her. Not only that, but she asked me to find her some red sunglasses with rhinestones to wear while driving it. And she's driven that car ever since. Who knows, maybe my "wildness" was buying the RV and pickup and selling/giving away everything else, living in that small RV, heading to places I've never been before, and working at jobs usually considered the domain of much younger people. 

No, I'll never drive that big ol' Harley or piss along the side of the road. But I think the point is to be able choose your own "wildness" and not rely on someone' else's opinion of what a person of "advanced age" should do. The rocking chair can come later, if at all.


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