Friday, July 2, 2010

A Perfect Day

Just a few evening observations after a very hot, windy day in Kanab, Utah. I've been sitting outside watching the sun set, enjoying a fairly large glass of Bailey's Irish Cream, savoring the creamy taste. The wind has died down just enough to make it very pleasant to watch the gentle rustling of the cottonwood trees. My Earth Day flag blows sideways in the breeze. The temperature is just about perfect-not too hot, just right. I read a little from a library book, Miriam's Kitchen, by Elizabeth Ehrlich about her growing understanding about the importance of preserving her Jewish roots. I think about all the shopping bags I've finished in the past few weeks, all of them now hanging in the front of my RV, awaiting new owners. I treasure all of the plants now doing well in our impossible garden in the high desert of Utah, composed of red, sandy dirt. Nothing except cactus would grow without copious quantities of purchased garden soil in large, black plastic pots. However, with daily early-morning watering, all the tomatoes, jalapeno peppers, lemon cucumbers, Swiss chard, radishes, Kentucky Wonder beans, Brussels sprouts, cauliflower, broccoli, and zucchini are thriving. Petunias of all colors: purple and white striped, white, pink, and purple show off in baskets. Tiny Portulaca flowers spring out from small aluminum and pewter containers. Hummingbirds and orioles drink enough nectar to make daily refilling of their feeders a necessity. Part of a day was spent in Hurricane doing needed shopping with good friends and their dog.

Life is definitely good.


Karen said...

That garden is looking really good. I am amazed--chard in the desert.

spiritualastronomer said...

Thanks, Karen. I sure wouldn't want to have to pay the water bill out here, though.

Yarntangler said...

I'm so glad you talked us into coming up here with you this summer. We get to share in the efforts of the impossible garden (your half is doing better than mine but there will be squash-lots of it!

Best thing we have found here is peace of mind. Hard to not relax when we see all this beauty around us all the time.

And then there's the Bailey's !

Old Newsie said...

Hey, nice junky landscape you/ve greated with Yarntanger and The Geez. Check out comment on her recent blog with your pix and see what you can use from my set-aside horde of stuff.