Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Being lazy, at least a little

I've had a lot going on in the past few days, including renting a house in Bartlesville, Oklahoma yesterday, preparing to drive to San Diego for Christmas, and fighting a fairly mild but still uncomfortable form of what I think is the flu. I've had a flu shot, so this isn't too bad. However, it came at the wrong time when there are so many things to do to get ready to leave here Friday morning. I was going to put the RV in storage and just drive the pickup to California. However, after figuring out how long a drive it would be and how many motel rooms and meals I'd need to pay for, I decided to park the pickup at the house and just drive the RV, parking overnight at Wal-Marts, county parks, a friend's house, and so forth. That way I can eat in the RV and not spend a lot on meals. I'm glad this rig is small enough to drive comfortably, especially since it has cruise control where the pickup doesn't. It also has automatic transmission where the pickup has manual. So, it should be a fairly pleasant drive if the weather cooperates. Sure can't beat gas prices here of around $1.34/gallon for unleaded.

As for the house, I've been ogling it ever since getting here in October. More about it later. For now, how about a few pictures?