Tuesday, August 4, 2009

The hair-raising experience

My hair-brained, one-year experiment ended this morning. I've grown my hair from very short to fairly long since last August. It grew out nice and thick and would have been okay except for a few things I've discovered about said hair. For one thing, it has a lot of natural curl, something that didn't show up when it was short. But, rather than cooperate nicely, that curl insists on doing its own thing which made for some very strange looks. And, with the 100+ degree temperatures and high humidity here lately, the extreme frizziness also showed up. I wondered why so many women here pull their hair back into ponytails. Well, now I know. It's to keep all that hair from being plastered to their necks in this damp heat. Mine was almost long enough for a ponytail but that really didn't look very good, either. Washing and drying that hair was also a full-fledged production, taking at least five minutes with a hot hair dryer to dry. When the weather is hot anyway, not a very pleasant experience. Then it wouldn't do anything but frizz out, so I ended up pulling it back behind my ears with clips. That wasn't a very good look, either.

This morning I thought long and hard---for about five minutes. I thought about getting it cut in kind of a bob, chin length. But, a little experimenting at the mirror convinced me that a fat-looking face wouldn't be the best look. Hmmm. I called and made an appointment and they were able to help me right away. I didn't know how short to get it cut until the stylist had shampooed it---ahhh, that felt so wonderful!

I asked her to cut it short and showed her a picture. She cut off what looked like a pound of hair, letting it all fall around the chair onto the floor. As usual, she tried to doctor the now-short hair up with "product," otherwise known as gel. Although I'd asked her to just leave it wet, she wanted to show me how cool it would look gelled up into spikes. Geesh! But, the cut was good. I paid and tipped her, then drove home and washed all the stuff out. Blew it dry in 30 seconds, and voila, no more straggling frizz. An actual style. In a week it will be grown out just about right.

Sorry Lou, I tried. Maybe again when the weather isn't quite so hot and humid.

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Yarntangler said...

Oh I know what you mean! Chica convinced me that mine needed to be longer because it was the right style for me.

So I let it grow out for the first time in three years. Then she came home from Omaha with hers cut short because it was too hot!

I have now invested in a drawer full of barrettes . chignon combs and scrunchies -again, and it's up in curly,frizzy ponytails!

Now she wants me to color it- I said I would when she does. I'm not worried too much about that.