Sunday, October 17, 2010

Working in a Barn - a P.S.

 P.S. Before being turned into a theater, the Old Barn at Parry Lodge in Kanab, Utah used to be a working barn. There's a very good chance that Trigger, Buttercup, Silver, Scout, and one of the many horses John Wayne used got to sleep there during movie filming. 

 There also used  to be a speakeasy-type club in back called The Black Cat where the stars used to go for their entertainment. Kanab has always been quite a quiet, Mormon town, and even though it's fairly close to Las Vegas, sometimes a little liquid refreshment or a game of cards on site hit the spot. The place burned down long ago, and not many people know about it. Now you do.


Old Newsie said...

I didn't know that, nor much of anything about Kanab 'til you landed there. Yep, now I do. Have fun back on the West Coast.

AnnieSantiago said...

I have so many questions! Is there a script I need to memorize? Is there some place I can order the movies ahead of time to watch them? What did you do to prepare for this job? Help? ::laughing::

spiritualastronomer said...

Annie, rather than write all this down, why don't we get together when I get back from Portland - would be much easier that way. No script - just a little introduction. But, we can talk about that when we get together.