Thursday, November 26, 2009

Old Western Movies

ImageWhen I worked at Parry Lodge in Kanab, Utah two years ago, I got to host the movies in their Old Barn two nights a week. It was a lot of fun welcoming people from all over the world, talking about the Lodge, about Kanab and the movie industry there, and introducing the movie of the evening. I became a big fan of the Internet Movie Database as a great source for interesting information and fun tidbits about the movies.
I've been invited back to movie host five nights a week this coming season, from April through October, and the managers just sent me a copy of the films we're going to be showing. Instead of only seven movies (If this is Tuesday, it must be "Buffalo Bill"), I get to show nineteen over the season, including two recent shorts made in Kanab. Every film we show was made in or around Kanab, and some of the stars and other movie personnel stayed at the Lodge. In fact, many rooms have stars' names over their doors - those stars actually stayed in those rooms.
Here is a list of the westerns filmed in Kanab: ... tah,%20USA

Okay, to me this job is kind of a dream come true. Not only do I get to talk to all kinds of people, sell them popcorn and other snacks, and play ham for twenty or so minutes before each movie, I also get to check out the IMDB again for each film. Looks like I also need to reinstate my Netflix membership and watch the movies beforehand. Ah, what a hard life . . .!

Some of the films for the coming season are:

"The Lone Ranger" (1956) with Clayton Moore and Jay Silverheels
"Oh! Susanna" (1951) with Rod Cameron
"The Fargo Kid" (1940) with Tim Holt
"Black Bart" (1948) with Yvonne DeCarlo and Dan Duryea
"Roll Wagons, Roll" (1946) with Tex Ritter
"Wagon Train" (1940) with Tim Holt
"Kansas Raiders" (1950) with Audie Murphy and Drian Donlevy

And many more.

Inside the barn

The tinkly piano


Yarntangler said...

When you no longer want that job, please put in a good word for me!

spiritualastronomer said...

They need someone to do the other two nights per week.

Audies Dad said...

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