Saturday, June 27, 2009

Captain EO - Michael Jackson at Disneyland

There's been so much coverage of Michael Jackson in the few days since his death, I hesitate to add more to the mix. However, I'd like to share one personal remembrance of him.

In 1989, our son was just a baby and his sisters were teenagers. Although MTV was at its best, I remember being so busy most of the time I didn't pay much attention to all the performers and stars. For Christmas that year, we drove from Portland to San Diego to visit my mother whom we hadn't seen for a while. We all went to Disneyland, one of her favorite places, and she insisted we see "Captain EO" with her. That ride/exhibit just blew me away it was so good. She loved it because she's been a dance teacher her whole life and knew extraordinary talent when she saw it. Although Disneyland replaced the exhibit several years later, it was fun to see this extremely talented singer/dancer at his best.

Here's an article about the exhibit and a short clip of "We're Are Here to Change the World." Just click on either the words in red or the picture to the left.

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