Friday, June 5, 2009

Taking a break

After two months of blogging every day, I'm going to take a short break. Since I moved here in February, things have started getting busier and busier as I've gotten involved in not one but two communities: Bartlesville and Turley, Oklahoma. They're 40 miles apart and I'm usually down in Turley at least twice a week, if not more, volunteering as volunteer coordinator for A Third Place Community Center. I've also been getting more involved with the UU Church here in Bartlesville as well as the community itself. With all this volunteering, I've been putting off replying to email from many good friends around the country and feel bad about just sending them a rather impersonal blog.

So, this month will be a vacation of sorts. I'll write the blog when I've actually got something to say, not just borrowing things from others or grasping at the proverbial straws. In the meantime, I'll still continue to read and comment on the many blogs I follow.

See you later,

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