Wednesday, June 24, 2009

A Hot Day With Tom Lehrer

A heat index here of 109 degrees today and for probably the rest of the week makes sticking around inside with the air conditioning blasting almost a necessity for a weather wuss like me. For the winter version of "wussiness," you might check out my blog from Nov. 30, 2008,"Confessions of Southern California Wuss,"

Since we're both transplanted creatures from Southern California now in Oklahoma, my friend Crystal and I have been finding things to do inside. One of those things has been finding videos of lots of "classic" weird songs, such as "Purple People Eater," "They're Coming to Take Me Away," and many more like them. I love them all and can probably remember the words to most of them, or at least a good percentage.

But, this afternoon it struck me alongside the head like a sloppy V-8 commercial: How could I forget the incomparable Tom Lehrer? In fact, I "discovered" him many years ago on Dr. Demento. Here are just a few. Enjoy.

The Elements

National Brotherhood Week

The Vatican Rag

Poisoning Pigeons in the Park

We Will All Go Together When We Go

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