Friday, May 8, 2009

Can an Electric Wok Be Sweet?

I'm not feeling in a particularly sweet mood right now because I've been thinking about my sister-in-law (at least she was when her brother and I were married) who went into hospice today. She's had liver cancer for a couple of years and is not expected to live much longer. Even though we're the same age, she and I have never been particularly close. But I still care all the same. I guess the thing that makes it hardest for everyone, especially her sister (who I still consider REALLY my sister!) is it's just too soon after their dad's death several months ago. Their mother passed away a number of years ago and that was also a difficult time. So, even though life goes on, I sometimes wish it would go on without all the pain.

Of course, it also brings my own thoughts of mortality to the forefront. I am usually able to stay pretty confident in my health and fitness, but at age 62, I guess you can't help but think about the future. It seems like just yesterday there were more years ahead than already lived. Whatever the thoughts and reasons, I've been taking steps lately to hopefully add more years.

Last week I bought an electric wok, the third one I've had, stuck it up in the cupboard and promptly forgot about it. After all, it's a lot more fun to make (and eat) cookies than it is to chop vegetables and cook rice. However, today I realized that all my bike riding lately isn't going to accomplish much, as in losing extra weight, if I keep eating the cookies. So, I browsed through my Asian cookbooks, made up a list of stuff needed from the store, and bought most of it, mostly vegetables, noodles, chicken breasts, and healthy things like that.

Tonight I chopped veggies--yellow and green zucchini, broccoli, carrots, celery, Shitake mushrooms, snow peas, onion, and garlic. I cooked a little chicken in the wok, then added the vegetables along with soy sauce, a little sesame oil and a tiny bit of fish sauce. Cooked rice in the rice cooker, and had a feast. No, it wasn't anything like cookies, but I am noticing that after two days without sweets, my taste buds aren't craving them as much. We'll see how it goes.
After that it was an hour of bike riding, mostly on the Pathfinder Parkway, a wonderful paved walking and biking trail mostly along the river. Since we had a surprise storm early this morning with thunder, lightning, torrential rain, and strong winds, parts of the trail were muddy and even flooded in spots. My legs were quite mud-speckled when I got back, but it was perfect weather and good exercise.

Yes, I'm feeling kind of smug right now about all this healthy stuff. However, I sure would like a Snickers bar!



zarul said...

want to buy a book???

spiritualastronomer said...

Zarul, which one?

Old Newsie said...

HI CHRIS - Re thinking of the future. Too young right now if you-re healthy. Wait til you are 86 and then begin to wrry - have fu now. And those cookiesmsound good to me, I hate most all the rest of that sstuff