Friday, May 1, 2009

Sweet Pincushions

A friend and I were doing a little sewing this morning for a church project. She cut out squares of various spring-colored fabrics, and I zig-zagged a length of yarn across the top, making easy flags. People are going to decorate them Sunday as part of a May Day celebration.

She started sticking a pin in the middle of each piece of yarn so I didn't have to waste too much time figuring out where to begin sewing. It cut down the time required quite a bit. Her using the pins reminded me of the pincushion on the table.

My youngest daughter, now almost 35 and a parent herself, made that pincushion for me when she was in high school. I've used it ever since. The picture to the left isn't it, but it's the same exact pattern. She must have done a great job of sewing it because I've used it constantly since she made it. I think it will last another almost 20 years, too.

My friend said her mother still uses the one she made her, and I thought of the same type of pincushion I made my own mother at least 30 years ago--she's still using it. In fact, when I sew at her house I use it as well.

I like the idea of the sweet connection between mothers and daughters by pincushions. Does anyone else have either the same type of connection with their mother/daughter or perhaps a different type of connection? I'd love to hear about it.

Have a great evening,



Yarntangler said...

My first job was working for my Mom in her rock&mineral/gift shop. She was a lapidarian and silversmith who designed much of her own jewelry ,cut and polished all of the materials. She taught me how to do some of it but being a stubborn teenager I didn't learn enough.
Most of my favorite pendants,pins, and earrings were made by my mother 40+ years ago. Before she passed, she gave me most of her jewelry pliers, wire cutters etc.
I used them to make jewelry for years but then turned my sights to doll house miniatures . I think she would have gotten a kick out of what her tools have made over the past 50 years or so if we could line them all up.

BTW, I made and sold dozens of those same little pincushions in my day too and I'm not a natural born sewer!


Not my mom but my grandma - she sold Avon and always bought me Avon jewelry for birthdays and Christmas. I still have all of it and think of her every time I wear it. Most of the older Avon jewelry from the 70's and 80's is very unique - you don't find anything like that anymore.