Saturday, May 23, 2009

Farmer's Market This Morning

Since I got to the Farmer's Market too late last week and missed out on fresh eggs, I rode my bike over today to arrive just as they opened. Ta-da! The market has only been going for a few weeks and there aren't a lot of merchants yet. However, I got a pretty good haul this morning, enough for a week's worth of salads and eggs in all forms. Let's see: a bag of spinach just picked early this morning; two bunches of beautiful green onions; a bag leaf lettuce; a small bag of fresh basil, and a dozen fresh brown eggs.

Although I'd eaten a piece of banana bread earlier, I decided the eggs were just too good to pass up. So, I cracked one into the pan. We used to raise chickens and I miss the yolks that "stand at attention" instead of oozing all over the pan. These are just right. See what I mean?

Because the egg looked a little bare, I decided to slice up a little spinach and basil. I probably could have doctored it up a little more with a touch of green salsa, maybe some green onions, and perhaps a piece or two of tomato. But why mess with perfection? I flipped the egg over so everything would cook into it a little. Just right. Delicious!

Have a wonderful day,

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Chuck said...

Boy Howdy! That's an illustration and a half of a fresh egg!