Sunday, May 17, 2009


I can't believe I just watched two hours of "Desperate Housewives." Used to watch it regularly but got out of the habit a couple of years ago and was totally lost for about five minutes tonight. But then, as usual, it was pretty easy to catch up again. Let's see: since I last watched the show, Lynette's kids have pretty much grown up, somehow they lost the pizza restaurant and hubby Tom is unemployed again. Now he's decided to go to college and major in Chinese. In the meantime, Lynette thought her cancer had come back (I didn't know about that, either) but it turns out she's pregnant again--with twins. Not sure how they could tell at 6 weeks.

Looks like Gaby and Karl got married again and now have two young daughters. It's pretty interesting that one of the daughters is quite heavy--to Abby's size 1 or something. They agreed to let Carl's teenage niece live with them. She is quite a piece of work.

Bree wants a divorce from Orson, but things are complicated, as usual. I won't go into it. Needless to say, there's now someone else in the wings.

Then there's Mike and Susan. I guess they got married sometime and had a little boy. Then I guess they got divorced. However, I missed all of that. While they were married, Susan and Mike had a car accident that killed Dave's wife and daughter. I guess Dave, who has serious mental problems, moved to town and became close to everyone, most of whom thought he was the sweetest guy. He wasn't. And on and on and on. Mike was on his way to Las Vegas to marry another woman and finds out Susan and their son are in danger from Dave. He leaves his bride-to-be at the airport, takes off after Dave, Susan, and M.J. (the son) who are driving to a fishing lodge or something. Dave,. with a gun, sets up a duplicate accident at the same place as the other one and waits for Mike to come racing along. However, everyone, but Dave, gets out safely. Dave ends up in a mental hospital and Mike ends up marrying----someone. And that's where we, the audience, is left hanging until next season.

Guess I can afford to miss another two years or so. I used to brag about never watching soap operas. Yeah, right. Oh, I almost forgot. Susan apparently was going to marry another guy so he could get his green card. However, he's going to be deported.

My question is what happened to Edie?

Guess I could go back and watch all the missed episodes on Hmmm. Or, I could keep on reading instead.

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Misfit in Paradise said...

Edie died in a car crash this season. While she was married to Dave.