Saturday, December 19, 2009

Baja California, Dec. 18, 2009 San Luis Colorado to San Felipe

Friday, December 18, 2009

Too hundred miles today, from Yuma to a little below San Felipe, on the way to Puertocitos. A couple of long detours along the way on Mexico 5 – looks like they’re widening the road to four lanes. Lots of desert, much sand, quite a bit of wind.

We weren’t sure of the way to Mexico 2, towards Mexicali, after crossing the border in San Luis Colorado, so we stopped and I asked directions of an older man standing behind his fence. He was kind of sure, and we took him at his word. Then he walked me across the street to talk to a doctor who spoke English. It turned out that he was going to Mexicali, so he gave us directions and asked if we’d like to follow him to the highway. That worked out well.

Getting onto the toll road (Mexico 2) cost $24 pesos, or about $2.00. Fairly decent road.
We turned off onto Mexico 5 a little before Mexicali and had to pay another $26 pesos. Jean wondered afterward if we could have just shown them our receipt from the first toll. Will have to check on that.

Because of the detours and losing our way a little in San Felipe, trying to find an RV park or a place to boondock for the night, we somehow ended up at the aeropuerto. Don’t know how we missed the actual road, but we somehow took a turn into the airport and the sun was beginning to go down. So, rather than wander around any longer trying to find an RV spot, we asked permission to park in the parking lot overnight and leave early in the morning. No problem. So, we’re now kind of huddled together in a far corner of the parking lot. Beautiful sunset tonight and a very tiny sliver of a moon. I fixed myself huevos rancheros for dinner and sat outside to eat, drinking Riesling and watching the last of the sunset and the stars coming out. Very quiet except for a generator.

San Felipe itself looks like a fun place to explore and perhaps buy some camarones (shrimp) from one of the many vendors along the streets. Tomorrow we’ll leave here in the morning and find a place to stay for a night or two, then unhitch Jean’s truck and drive into town. She swears that either Beth or I have to drive, though. It was hard on her towing the trailer through, first, San Luis Colorado, then through San Felipe, both fairly busy towns with narrow streets and many stop signs.

I checked for wireless access here at the airport, but no luck. So, am writing this in word to send in some form when we’re able to get on the internet, hopefully tomorrow sometime.

Beth asked earlier what time it was. Both Jean and I said, “who cares?” I turned off my cell phone and am not sure what time zone my RV radio is set for. I really like the idea of “manana,” at least for this trip. Slowing down and just appreciating what we do and see will be enough. I really don’t want to keep track of time on this trip.

In the meantime, I’m practicing my Spanish in order to get a little more fluent.

Photos later.

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