Friday, December 18, 2009

Thoughts Before Leaving for Baja this Morning

This morning I read Rev. Ron Robinson's blog about the season of advent being the great interruption:

"Advent is the story of the Great Interruption, as God interrupts the life of Mary, certainly of Joseph, interrupting the powers that be with the greater power that another world is not only possible but it is already here, pregnant and growing, about to be born where no one would ever think to look. Advent is about the affirming spirit of waiting on that birth, on the birth of peace and joy and love and hope, waiting and letting it change us from within so we can change the world without, waiting to connect with others on the road to Bethlehem too, and the road to Egypt too, and the road back to Nazareth too, from where nothing good can supposedly come."

I thought about this upcoming two-month trip to Baja as an interruption of sorts, of the interruption of my usually-quiet way of life, of knowing where I'll be and what I'll be doing from day to day. That's fine. But, this period will surely interrupt that way of life in many ways and I want to be sure to be open to all of it.

We visited our friends Jenny and Dan for several days, and I hadn't seen Dan for almost a year. In that year he's lost a lot of weight and looks wonderful. He's been regularly working out with the Wii exercise programs and swears by them. That would be something I could even do in this RV.

Yesterday I finished a wonderful book,
Still Alice, by Lisa Genova. It's a "moving and vivid depiction of life with early-onset Alzheimer's disease." I read it in two days - was very hard to put down. I thought about my occasional recent difficulty in remembering words and tried to put that into some kind of context. I thought about my aunt and several aging friends who are becoming more and more forgetful. And I recommend the book highly.

So, some thoughts before leaving. I'm excited. At the same time I have those butterflies in my stomach - in fact, they're swarming right about now. Time to get ready to go. More later on the road whenever we can find Wi-Fi.

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Old Newsie said...

Your recommendation of "Still Alice" inspired me to buy it locally as a Christmas present for Lady B. She started it Christmas Eve and finished it inthe morning and not I am into it albeit redumell slowly. Now I'll recommend it also.