Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Day in Algodones, Baja California

We headed over the border to Algodones today to take care of some last minute stuff, including me paying for my tourist card, all of us getting prescriptions filled, eating shrimp and fish tacos, and doing some general shopping.

I normally get a month's prescription from Wal Mart for $4, or a three-month supply for $10. However. today I was able to buy 100 tablets for $7 - quite a deal. Also in the pharmacia I found a large, 500 gram container of Bailey's Irish Cream Chocolates for $8.50. I have never seen them here in the states and they are absolutely delicious. I've got to make sure they last for a long time because they're so addicting.

After eating wonderful fish tacos and shrimp tacos from a stand, almost inhaling them, we wandered up and down lots of shopping areas, and Beth and Jean each bought t-shirt type dresses. However, they weren't quite my style so I waited. Sure enough, I found a stand selling hand-embroidered dresses and tried a few on over my clothes. Here's the one I chose. For $20 I consider it almost a steal. It's light and cool, which will be nice when we get further south toward the tip of Baja.

I also bought some lightweight straw Christmas decorations which will travel in the RV well. They will be good to mail one or two to friends.

Back in Yuma, we stopped at Al's RV for receptacle testers. We'll use them at RV parks in Baja to detect faulty wiring in order to be make sure we don't fry our electric appliances. Just a bit of caution.

We'll cross the border at San Luis Rio Colorado, near Yuma, head west, then south a little toward San Felipe. I've already turned off my cell phone and clock, intending to be on manana time for the trip.

I'm getting excited and looking forward to this trip very much and can't wait to get started.

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