Sunday, January 10, 2010

Leaving San Felipe - on to Blythe, CA and a Bluegrass Festival

We decided to leave San Felipe today instead of tomorrow to be sure of getting a spot here in Bythe, CA. And after 265 miles today, including an interesting experience crossing the border, we're now set up at Mayflower County Park. The Bluegrass Festival is this coming weekend, as are all the things going on in Quartzsite, across the border in Arizona. As it was, there were only 40 spots left here. But, we've got great sites, in the back again, looking west (all those gorgeous sunsets)! Many of the same people from a month ago are still here and asked me all about my trip to Mexico. Told them I loved San Felipe so much I decided to stick around there for a month. And I decided to stick around here for a month since the price is definitely better that way.

The border crossing incident? Well, I couldn't figure out the directions to the border in Mexicali and turned down a wrong street. Couldn't turn around and get back on the main drag as the street was too crowded, and ended up on a one-way street going the same direction as the lines to the border. However, I had turned into the wrong lane and couldn't get out. Didn't know it was the "Special" lane until we got to the border. Apparently it was for people with special passes. We had to get a "secondary inspection," which included opening everything outside, including the hood, and having Border Patrol snoop around everywhere, inside and outside. Now, we'd already gone through all that on an inspection halfway from San Felipe by the federales. Anyway, both David and I began feeling like crooks just for accidentally getting into the wrong lane. Finally were able to leave, and hightailed it up to Wal-Mart in Brawley to get a refund of the core charges on my new batteries and eat lunch at Subway, decompressing a little. After that, the trip of 80 miles into Blythe was a piece of cake.

After a month of only water hookups, having electricity again is heaven. But now I know I could probably boondock for quite a while, especially with the new batteries.


Old Newsie said...

Glad that San Felipe vacation was so enjoyable. Friendship after a temporary relaionship could always lead toa re-connection later on . Now, Christ, should you get back into Quartize, during the PowWow in the first weeke of February, would you please look for a vendor who sells clockwork parts - it's at least ten years since I have heve seen him or her. If so, get name and address and price of three sets of battery clock parts for me. Appreciae it if this could happen. Of course they may have retired or worse, Ol Newsie/Charlie

Yarntangler said...

Wish we could join you for the Blur grass festival but too many friends heading herre over the next couple of weeks.
We'll catch up with you one of these days.


Am jealous of your most recent travles (well, not the border crossing incident, of course) - the bluegrass festival sounds delightful!