Friday, January 8, 2010

Valle de los Gigantes (Valley of the Giants)

Imagine! We got bored here yesterday so decided to drive down the road, south toward Puertocitos, about 6 kilometers, to check out the Valle de los Gigantes (Valley of the Giants). Nope, that’s not the Valley of the Giants in the Redwoods. It’s an area of huge, extremely ancient cacti.

We paid 50 pesos (about $3.00) to park the car and walk down the sandy road about a kilometer instead of paying more and driving. It was a beautiful day for a walk.

These cacti are immense! Some of them are over 1500 years old and weigh almost ten tons! How about some pictures?


Road into area

Dry bones

Statue on mountain



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Yarntangler said...

Those are spectacular! And did I see shorts? You will have a lot of company once that shot gets around!