Monday, January 4, 2010

San Felipe – January 1, 2010 - Prospero Ano Nuevo!

It was a very quiet New Year’s Eve yesterday. We took a long walk around the area, particularly to find out if we could actually connect to the internet out here. There’s a potential wi-fi hookup that is password-protected and we decided to see if we could get the password since the set-up belongs to one of the resorts nearby. Well, that “resort” is one of many in the area that was begun when money was more plentiful. However, when financing dried up several years ago, many of those resorts were left unfinished. Like this one, they have potential but need money and investors. In the meantime, they’re just empty shells with perhaps a couple of finished houses. La Perla Resort is one of them. We met and talked with a family that is renting one of the houses there. They’ve also seen the wi-fi connection, but it belonged to the resort office – and that office is no longer in existence. So, we’ll continue driving into town every other day for internet.

Perhaps the best part of the day December 31 was the beautiful huge orange full moon. It took my breath away, especially since I didn’t expect it. That moon just jumped out at me when I walked down to the beach.

I took a short nap later on in the evening, but woke up around 11:30 P.M. and stayed awake to see in the New Year.

Today, January 1, 2010 was a beautiful day – but I sure wish the wind would die down a little. I’d love to use my little “surfboard,” but the wind makes it too cold. Well, what do I expect, anyway – it’s January!

I took my normal early morning beach walk at low tide and discovered a pelican with a broken wing down in the rocks. Unfortunately, at the same time the friendly neighborhood golden lab raced up behind me for some petting and, being the beach-savvy animal that he is, also saw the pelican. He began chasing it. The bird put up a pretty good fight and managed to make it to a bit of water, away from the dog. I was able to get the dog away and interested in something else.

The pelican swam out a bit but had taken the wrong way, heading toward the beach instead of farther out in the water. Pretty soon the tide would be too low and the bird would run out of water. In the meantime, the normal beach scavengers and buzzards lay in wait. Although I know life and death on the beach is normal, I was sad to see what was happening knowing that the bird didn’t stand a chance.

We drove into town for our every-other-day internet time at the Bar Miramar. The waiter now is a good friend and knows exactly who is buying the Sprite and Coke each day. Today was my turn. He also makes some pretty good jokes. The bar wasn’t as crowded today as it has been this past week, but from the extra pool tables and ping pong tables in the room, it looked like last night had been a good one.

Several good friends send some great email. I especially loved a PowerPoint video of animals and people loving each other. Very beautiful. Thank you so much, Birdman.

We bought red t-shirts from the bar and then ate lunch down the street at the outdoor restaurant. I tried their huevos rancheros – delicious! David ordered beef burritos. They were so different from what pass for burritos in the states. These were on regular size tortillas and not stuffed to the brim with refried beans. Looked really good. Alexa, the waitress, greeted us with great big hugs and talked about how busy they’d been last night. While we ate, a small mariachi group of three men played their music across the street. We listened for a while and tipped them on the way back to the car.

Next stop was the market because David had to get some bottled water. The other day he got what he thought was water---until making coffee with it this morning. Turned out it was 23% booze of some kind. Can you imagine how the coffee must have tasted early in the morning? The stuff looks exactly like bottled water; in fact, I almost bought some on Wednesday. Sure glad I didn’t.

Still very windy this afternoon, so I pretty much stayed inside and finished another China Bayles mystery and hemmed my t-shirt, cutting off about 4-inches from the bottom. Probably could have used it as a nightshirt.

Life goes on. And this time at the beach is very needed and welcome.

I wish all of you an excellent New Year.

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