Monday, January 4, 2010

Saturday January 2, 2010 – Mexicali Border crossing

Instead of driving all the way to Yuma today for batteries, we decided to cross the border at Mexicali and go to El Centro Wal-Mart – much closer.

Trip up from San Felipe was uneventful – lots of desert. Beautiful weather. However, we got in line at the border crossing around 11:30 and are still in line, with the crossing almost in sight. It’s now 1:20 PM. Only thing I can think of is people are going back across the border after a long New Year’s weekend. That, and there are only three lines.

Anyway, I’ve got my computer plugged in, playing a variety of CDs, such as James Galway, Bob Marley, and Don Quixote. So, it’s bearable. However, David is going above and beyond the bounds of duty and friendship in making this trip. I’m going to buy him lunch and gas, at the very least.

Ruben doesn’t need a battery after all. It seems one of the park guests had two batteries and sold one to him. So, now he’s set. But, he’s still going to put mine in. Very nice guy.

Later on:

We finally crossed the border at 3:00! Talked to several people also in line who said this is the longest they’ve ever had to wait. I felt sorry for some of the people with very young children in their cars.

We hightailed it out of Calexico as soon as we could and drove to Wal-Mart. I bought two very good deep cycle batteries and some other necessities. Found a replacement fluorescent bulb for my Coleman lantern which I’ve been looking for. Since it was getting late and we faced driving the 150 miles or so back to San Felipe in the dark, we decided to get Subway sandwiches in Wal-Mart and eat in the car. They sure tasted good after such a long morning/afternoon.

Driving back across the border into Baja took about two minutes and, after stops for pop and water, we made it back to the campground around 7:45 PM.

Although we agreed that, at least in the long run, it had been a fun day, we both agreed it had been quite a long one as well and decided that was a trip not to be made on a holiday weekend.

We cooked a late breakfast and just hung around the campground/beach today. Because the wind had died down a little and it was fairly warm, I even went into the water for a bit. However, it was a very high tide with pretty large waves. So, I just kind of splashed around. Ruben put in the batteries and it’s so nice to now have lights at night instead of a battery-operated lantern and a flashlight. No more going to bed at 7:00 PM, unless I’m sleepy. Have been reading Donald Westlake books from my mom, especially the Dortmunder ones again. I’d forgotten how hilarious they are.

Tomorrow? Most likely a trip into town for internet and groceries, maybe lunch. Might even see if my forwarded mail has arrived at the post office yet.

Even later, like Monday morning

The new batteries are wonderful!!! It's so nice to actually be able to use lights again instead of flashlight and lantern. And, we had very freshly squeezed orange juice for breakfast at Rosita's this morning. Sun is out, no wind. What a life!


Yarntangler said...

I want to be where you are! I'm officially jealous now.

Old Newsie said...

Sounds like you're having fun down there. Amen to no more border crossings on a holiday or holiday weekend.