Saturday, January 23, 2010

Who Would Jesus Shoot? An Update

In my last blog entry, "Who Would Jesus Shoot?" I shared a blog found on the Sojourner's website about an American arms company, Trijicon, that adds Bible verse references to their guns. Although my blog received no comments, when I posted it to another forum I WAS a member of, you would have thought I'd called for the end of the world or something. Yes, the blog engendered some good conversation, but it also resulted in some quite nasty personal attacks. Rather than respond in kind, I chose to just leave that forum, deciding that it wasn't the place for honest opinions and even perhaps a little serious thought.

Anyway, that said, here is an update from the Washington Post. It includes the original commentary by columnist David Waters as well as the news that "Trijicon announced Thursday that it will stop putting biblical references on weapon scopes and other products made for the U.S. military and is sending the Pentagon kits to remove the references from weaponry already in the hands of American troops.

The Washington Post Update

I also found another article about the situation from The Christian Science Monitor

It's heartening to realize that sometimes honest opinions and questions really do make a difference. Perhaps it's the venue in which they're offered that needs to be changed.


retiredhappy said...

Sorry you felt you were "attacked". This is the proper place if you want contraversy not an rving forum. I've enjoyed your blog and your travels.

Bob said...

Too bad about the personal attacks. Not really a surprise. RVers tend to be on the very conservative side.

Then again, I remember being very resentful about receiving a very negative political e-mail about President Obama from a member of a my tennis group.

So maybe retiredhappy has a point about keeping politics out of RV discussion groups.

On an RV forum, some people are going to disagree strongly even about such crazy stuff as putting religious messages on sniper scopes or crosses on bullets.